Juke Box Drive
Blowing the dust off your most fondest memories !

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  • Hi everyone in classic car land! Most of you know me as Joe Buick, with those Buick 59’s, but that’s not what this story is about. It’s about something that’s just as important as our classic cars - the music. Years ago when I joined my first club - The Original Lost in the Fifties, the music that we played at our meets, events, or just hanging out was just as important as the cars. We were told by spectators and friends alike that “It’s just not your cars man, but the music you guys play really sets the mood and puts us back when these classic were new.” All the guys in club would say “Don’t worry, JB’s bringing the music”.
  • As my son Joey and I moved on years later and created the Super Cruisers Nostalgia Club, we started a car show for the Bellmore Presbyterian Church, which most of you have gone to and enjoyed. We were always told by many that our show was enjoyable and had a great atmosphere about it. Not being able to ever find the right DJ, Joey and I, nine years ago with the passion and love we have for the era and music, created DJ Night Train. We have a library that’s dedicated to generations that seem to be discarded and thrown away in today’s society.
  • I am thankful for my son’s (who is only twenty-two years old) incredible love and knowledge for this music. Cause not only will he keep my Buick’s running along, he will keep the music spinning as well for generations to come. As I’m sure, you would like your sons and daughters to do also. Like I said before - they both go hand in hand. Cars and music!
  • In January 2005 we wanted to create something unique for outdoor events, car shows, grand openings etc. that would be an extension on how we basically live our lives. We had a vision of creating a mobile DJ truck. It’s a 1975 Dodge B300, a retired school bus that I bought in 1988, and used as a installation truck for my HVAC business. Being how times had changed and the truck was not’t really used much anymore, in March 2005 we started to rip it apart, and for the next fifteen months created its third personality as Juke Box Drive. The coolest power plant on wheels. It made its first debut at the Father Day Car show June 2006. Three thousand watts of power that can be spinning music within fifteen minutes at any outdoor event!! The inside is loaded with memorabilia which I’m sure will knock the dust off some of your fondest memories. From a Wurlitzer jukebox playing 45’s or watching some of your favorite black and white TV shows on a 1956 GE television, or maybe it’s just the roller skates you will fondly remember. Whatever it is, this must be seen in person to really be appreciated to the fullest!
Juke Box Drive
  • You may ask yourself, what is Juke Box Drive? The answer is simple, it’s a 1975 Dodge B300 retired school bus that’s been converted in to one of the coolest nostalgic mobile DJ power plants on wheels. 3,000 watts of power which can spin music in less then 15 minutes.
  • Designed and dedicated to generations that seems forgotten and discarded. The inside is loaded with memorabilia which I’m sure will knock the dust off some of you fondest memories, from the Wurlitzer Jukebox playing 45’s or watching some of your favorite black and white TV shows like American Bandstand playing of a 1956 GE television, or maybe it’s the roller-skates, 9 volt transistor radio, or the 8 track tapes you will fondly remember. Whatever it is it must be seen in person to really appreciate.
  • So if you still want some good old’ rock and roll, pop, swing and blues give us a call we have it all. A wide spread from the 40’s to the 80’s. So keep us in mind for your next indoor or outdoor event. Appointments can be made to see the truck in person.
  • It can be powered form 115 volt house current or on our own generator for parks and fields where power is not available. Contact us at (516)779-5927 or at Nighttraindj@aol.com Now its time for me to get back to the past where our most precious memories were made to last, and may all your days be happy ones.